Thursday, June 20, 2013

The creative juices have been flowing

Wow so once again it has been a while between blog posts, good thing this is not my day job or I would have been fired by now.

To keep it nice and light I just want share with you what I have been up to lately, creatively speaking.

I used this tutorial by Sew Jereli to whip some warm flannette pj pants for Lil Guy. I also made fairy pjs for Lil Miss but I have not been able to snap a photo of her in them.

I have two beautiful nieces who both turned 1 this year. Me, the slacker you know, of course did not even send them a gift. After finally pulling my finger out I decide to sew sweet little dresses for them. On the left I used The Hattie Dress pattern by Brownie-Goose Designs, I loved the vintage feel of this design. On the right is The Emory Dress by Sew Sweet Patterns, I just love how this turned out, so flowy. The great thing about both dresses is they will be worn for years. Lil Miss, who is 4, was able to easily put both on and comfortable wear them as tops.

 This superdude I created for Lil Guy from the Dolls and Daydreams Superhero pattern.
Lil Miss has really loved playing Superheros lately so I took her to our local fabric store and she picked out this starry sparkly fabric so mummy could sew her a cape and mask. To create these I used the Johnny Superhero Cape pattern by Fuddie Duddies.

I have recently returned as admin of The Sewing Library Facebook group and participated in a pincushion swap. This was my entry created using The Polka Dot Apron's Thread Catcher tutorial. I love the thread catcher and will, eventually, be making one for my sewing table.

Now I have had this lovely lemon knit since last Winter. So once again in grand SLACKER style it only took me a year to finally get around to created what I had planned for it. Which was the beautiful Elise Shirt by Violette Field Threads. This was my first real go at sewing with a knit fabric and I was totally impressed with how it turned out. I will definitely be using this pattern to make some pretty summer tees for Lil Miss.
I so wish I had taken a before photo of this corkboard. It started out being painted brown and used at markets when I ran a handmade business. Then I decided to hand paint it orange and was totally disgusted with how it was turning out so left it half brown, half orange with paint all over the cork as well. Today, literally just tonight, I got around to refurbing it using white spray paint, fabric and tacks. It only hung in our kitchen for, say hmmm 6 months or more, in the horrifying state I mentioned earlier.


BecMalcomson said...

When you start flowing you pour! Everything is gorgeous. Did you reduce the collar part on the Hattie dress? I didn't like it when I saw the pattern but yours is adorable!

Flab to Fab said...

Hi Bec, no I didn't. I was also a little concerned it might sit too high but it turned out lovely. I'll hopefully get to see my niece wearing it early next week so I hope it's not to big for her.

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